Anytime Self-Organised Riders

Join one of the riding groups of members wanting to ride either throughout the week (Weekday Riders) or members who would like a more relaxed easy-going ride (Lady Riders). These groups are open to all members of the Auckland Harley Owners Group.

Weekday Riders - This group is for members who have time to ride during the week and would like other members to join them on their ride.

Lady Riders - This group is for members who want a more relaxed and easy-paced ride or for those who want to gain experience in riding with others and in a group.

To join the either group, use the link under the pictures below for the group you wish to join. Once you have filled in the form with your details and sent your subscription, it will take 1-2 days to process your request before you will be able to post to the group.

Once you have subscribed, you will receive a confirmation email which you must accept. Once you have accepted the confirmation email you can post to the email group using the link under the picture below and all riders on the list will receive your email.

1. When emailing the group ensure you include the date and time of your proposed ride, the starting point and a very short summary of where you are going to ride.
i.e. Thursday 13th Dec 2012, depart from Auckland Harley-Davidson and will ride to Kaiaua via Clevedon, possibly come back via Miranda and State Highway 2.
2. Do not reply to the email group if you are not going to go on the ride. This minimises posts that members receive.
3. These are not Auckland Chapter organised rides, thus all responsibilities are on the riders participating in the ride.

Weekday Riders

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Lady Riders


As Always Ride Safe