Mid Week News - 10/04/2024

10th April 2024
By The Membership Officer

kiaora HOG Auckland Chapter, welcome to the Midweek News.
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The Gathering Review Pt2 from the MO 

We had retired for the night at our motel, The Pink Flamingo. The skies were clear and the evening was quite warm, however, we were awakened in the middle of the night by what sounded like torrential rain. I poked my head out the door and she was persisting down. Great I thought a wet and miserable day for the Gathering ride. By daylight, the skies were very gloomy and a bit cool outside but by about 9.30 the rain had eased. We rode up to the Treehouse for the Show and Shine which I had dubbed the "Show and Wet" with only about 15 bikes entering, including Tiger and D'mon Glide. Dee and I had breakfast at the Treehouse and a sausage sizzle and bacon rolls was also happening on the deck for those who opted for a light brekkie. At about 10.30 am the ride started with only about 50 bikes taking part, even though there were about 80 or so bikes at the Treehouse and there had been 150 registrations, I guess the wet conditions kept some away. The rain had fortunately stopped, and we only got a couple of light showers on the ride to Oakura. The road was very damp, with mould in places, a lot of twisties and a couple of long straights for the short 80km ride to Butlers Reef Restaurant and Bar. A few riders and pillions had a meal with either a coldie or hot beverage but the best part was that the weather was starting to clear and the day became more enjoyable. Dee and I left about an hour later, heading back to New Plymouth then out to Waitara to see whanau. The sun was out by now and the day was warming up. We returned to our motel for a brief rest before heading back to the Treehouse for the last night of entertainment, food and drink, more raffles, prize giving, auctions and live bands. The Show and Shine winners were a Road Glide and a couple of Indians with Evan saying sorry Shayne just missed out lol. It was a great night of fun, laughter and camaraderie, a fitting end to the "last" Gathering. Thanks to Evan and all his helpers for organising the past 6 events, they have been awesome.

Sunday morning we were greeted with a beautiful sunny morning, and we could see Mt Taranaki on occasions throughout the day. Everyone had saddled up and left by 10 am. Dee and I had brekkie in town at a recommended cafe, then we headed out to Waitara to stay with whanau for a couple of days before returning home to Auckland on Wednesday.

Living to ride,riding to live


Gathering Taranaki Pt2.jpgGathering Taranaki Pt2.2.jpgGathering Taranaki Pt2.3.jpgGathering Taranaki Pt2.4.jpgGathering Taranaki Pt2.5.jpgGathering Taranaki Pt2.6.jpgGathering Taranaki Pt2.7.jpgGathering Taranaki Pt2.8.jpgGathering Taranaki Pt2.12.jpgGathering Taranaki Pt2.9.jpgGathering Taranaki Pt2.10.jpgGathering Taranaki Pt2.11.jpg

Warkworth Ride Review from RC HughBe

The weather gods were not smiling early on Saturday morning but later on it cleared enough for a good turnout of optimistic hoggies keen to explore the northern side of the Auckland region for the last daylight-saving ride of this season. Moments before the ride brief, I realised I hadn’t yet arranged a TEC and many thanks are due to RC Murray for once again stepping into the breech and looking after the tail of the group. Helped along by a cameo traffic-management performance from TJ, resplendent in shorts and t-shirt, we all managed to pull out from North Auckland Harley-Davidson in one group to get down to the traffic lights. I can’t be positive but I am fairly sure we didn’t all get through the Barrys Point Rd lights in one fell swoop so good job to whoever led the second group onto SH1 North and remembered enough of the ride briefing to exit at Oteha Valley Road and turn left towards Albany Village where we were waiting for the first post-motorway regroup.  Traffic was reasonably light on the motorways and we were only waiting for a very short time by Albany Village before the tail caught up and then we set off again heading up The Avenue towards Paremoremo. Before reaching the ‘Big House’ we turned down into the valley on Elmore Rd, then along Ridge Rd before turning to Coatesville emerging by the pony club where we stopped very briefly for another regroup before heading up Sunnyside and then down Green to get onto Dairy Flat highway. We turned left at Dairy Flat shops, somehow avoiding the lure of the pies in the excellent Dairy Flat bakery, and then had a detour along Whitehills before turning down towards Waitoki and heading up to Kaukapakapa and SH16. We had a smooth run along SH16 heading North with no traffic to impede our progress however as we got closer to West Coast Rd it was clear to see we were heading towards some ominous-looking weather. We had to wait to turn into West Coast Rd as a group of very fast moving Harleys were heading South at a decent pace as we reached the intersection but they eventually passed and we exited SH16 to start the final leg just as the first very light rain started to fall. We passed a Pro Rider training group at the Ahuroa Fire station led by instructor Aaron who some hoggies may remember from a Gold level training course run late last year. Definitely worthwhile to get along to one of those courses when you get the chance or even lock in some one-on-one refresher/training if that’s your preference. The rest of the ride along West Coast and Woodcocks was uneventful, from the front anyway. The rain, such as it was, ended up being more of an irritation than a saturation so that was good news. There was a single-lane traffic-light controlled section heading up to the summit through the ravine along West Coast Rd which proceeded for a few hundred metres of gravel but it was in much better shape than the previous weekend and didn’t cause any difficulties to our group. One last regroup at the Warkworth end of Woodcocks and then we looped around past the Woolworths and onto the old bridge to park the bikes followed by some food and refreshments at a large reserved table inside the Bridgehouse Pub. There was a lot of corner marking in the first half of this ride and it all went without incident so thanks to all for lending a hand there and shout out to RC Murray for running TEC duties. Decent sized group, 19 bikes, 1 trike and four pillions. 159km for me.

HughBeRC - Webmaster

  Warkworth BridgeHouse Ride 06.04.24.jpgWarkworth BridgeHouse Ride BridgeHouse Ride BridgeHouse Ride BridgeHouse Ride BridgeHouse Ride BridgeHouse Ride BridgeHouse Ride BridgeHouse Ride BridgeHouse Ride


Road Captain HOG logo

Auckland HOG Road Captains Ride Planning Meeting 13.04.24

All Road Captains to attend.

Location: Auckland Harley-Davidson, 521 Mt Wellington Highway, Mt Wellington. <Click here for Map> 
On the upstairs mezzanine or the boardroom.
Time: 11:30 am - 12:30 pm

Lets Ride 3

Auckland HOG Saturday Ngaruawahia-Waingaro Hotel Ride 13.04.24

All H.O.G. members and friends are welcome.

Depart Location: Auckland Harley-Davidson, Mt Wellington. <Click here for Map>
Destination: Waingaro Hot Springs Hotel, Ngaruawahia
Time: 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm.
Road Captain: Glen to lead.
Note: The RCs brief takes place 10 minutes before the ride begins.
Please ensure your bike has a current WoF and Registration.
Pillions are welcome to join the ride.
Back patches and rockers are optional.
Ride safe and have fun.

Waingaro Hotel.jpg

Auckland HOG Sunday Social Ride - Make Your Own Ride 14.04.24

Lets Ride Auckland Chapter Social Sunday

All H.O.G. members and friends are welcome. For those members unable to make our usual Saturday rides we are relaunching a monthly Social Sunday Make Your Own Ride departing from McDonalds Greenlane. Have a fun ride with whoever is available. Locations and routes to be decided amongst those present. Choose your own ride leader on the day.

Depart Location: McDonalds Greenlane, 320-356 Gt South Road, Greenlane, Auckland 1051
Time: 11:00 am - 3:00 pm.
Road Captain: On the Day
Note: Event end time is a guide only.
The RCs brief takes place 10 minutes before the ride begins.
Please ensure your bike has a current WoF and Registration.
Pillions are welcome to join the ride.
Back patches and rockers are optional.
Ride safe and have fun.

Bike of the Week 

MO Bike of the week Brent 06.04.24.jpg

Photo Of the Week

Photo of the Week James Dee Gordon at Gathering.jpg

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HughBeRiding - From Fairlie to Cromwell via Lindis Pass

Hugh Beenriding

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Deanos MC Rides Youtube


idea factory

Do you have any great ideas for your Chapter in regard to ride route locations and ride events?

These can be Saturday Open rides, Chapter rides, Midweek rides, Night rides, Dinner Rides, Hard Arse rides, Novelty rides hell any kind of ride route and event you think of.

This is your Chapter and you can be part of the decision-making, does this sound like you, then contact your Director, Head Road Captain, or Activities Officer or contact them all to discuss the possibilities, we are always up to fresh ideas to share with your HOG family.




Thank you to those members who have donated blood, your contribution has helped save 214 lives. Click on the link to learn more.

National Breast Cancer Foundation

Prostate NZ

The Good in the Hood program at Z Sylvia Park. If anyone is using this station and felt so inclined could they select Auckland Whanau Special Needs Support Group, another charity that Trevor and Joy from MDN are part of.



MDA and MDN Explained

MDN Logo

As a registered charity, we rely almost entirely on voluntary donations from the general public, trusts and other businesses/organisations to provide specialist information and practical support to individuals and whanau with lived experience of rare neuromuscular conditions.  The Auckland Harley Owners’ group have been a huge support to the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDN) for many years.  

We have three regional branches based throughout the country that are supported by the National Office based in Auckland, one of those branches been MDN and we cover the area from Kaitaia to Taupo.

Our logo is a person shown in the form of DNA.  This double helix represents the genetic component to many of our conditions and reflects our strong commitment to families and the acknowledgement of whakapapa or family histories, which are woven through the stories of our members.  We believe in strengthening and supporting both individuals with neuromuscular conditions, their whanau and their communities of support.

A lot of our support we give to members is based on an outreach service via our Fieldworkers, information on the rare conditions we cover and also events that members can attend and network with others travelling the same journey as themselves.

The Auckland Harley Owners Group have been long-time supporters of MDN and attend many of our events and get involved with our branch.

Trevor Jenkin

National Executive Chairperson, Northern Branch Chairperson &

Calls 4 Charity Ltd Director

Muscular Dystrophy Association of New Zealand

419 Church Street East, Penrose, Auckland 

PO Box 12063, Penrose, Auckland 1642
0800 800 337 |  021 267 4380 | Charity Number: CC31123
facebook.com/MDANationalOffice www.mda.org.nz

The Sheriffssss

Sheriff HD.jpg

Reminder – Don’t forget to drop your mates in it for those little incidents, accidents and infractions. The money obtained/extorted goes to the Chapter Welfare Fund and is used to assist Chapter Members who have had the not so little incidents and accidents.

Email the sheriff sheriff@aucklandhog.org.nz

Never let any truth or facts get in the way of a good story


HOG AGM Salty Dog 19.05.24

Bottle Auction Night 22.07.24

Wanted - Road Captains

Contact the Head Road Captain if you want to be more involved in your Chapter


So..What's Your Membership Officer "up to bro"

April 20 The Mighty Waikato Ride of Respect, Tribal Nations, going

April 21 Cyclespot Westpac Helicopter Ride, Admore to Wairau, maybe

Cyclespot Westpac Helicopter ride.jpg

April 27 Northland ANZAC Ride, Tumeke Riderz, Whangarei, going

May 4 International Female Ride Day, hosted by Litas Waikato at Cambridge. Diona and I will be going, with Dee registered and myself volunteering as a marshal.

IFRD2024.jpgLitas Waikato.jpg

May 25 North Haven Hospice Charity Ride, Tumeke Riderz, Whangarei

June 29 Hikurangi Riders Shortest Day Poker Run

Living to ride, riding to live, peace up

The M.O


coming soon

21/04/24 Chapter Ride Waihi Beach

22/04/24 Chapter Night

27/04/24 North Pole Ride

13/05/24 Committee Meeting Online

27/05/24 Chapter Night

HOG Logo 2021
Shayne Lipsham (LUPPO)
Membership Officer
Assistant Director
Mob - 021 146 1540
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