Mid Week News - 06/12/2023

6th December 2023
By The Membership Officer

kiaora Auckland Chapter of the Harley Owners Group, welcome to the Midweek News.
Santa HOGS

Save the Date for Santa

Auckland Harley Family Day Saturday 16th Dec 9-2 pm

** Santa in store,

** Gift wrapping for purchases in-store,

** Free Mr Whippy Ice creams,

** Charity sausage sizzle,


** A Massive kids' obstacle course bouncy castle.

santa at AHD
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120 sale AHD

120th Anniversary Harley-Davidson clothing and collectables now 30% off

Kaiaua Ride Review from RC Joe90

Saturday’s ride was a trip down memory lane for me.  And I got to share it with 9 bikes and 11 fellow HOG members.  The sky was cloudy, but the day was warm, so I had no concerns about the weather.  My concern was about what the ‘Christmas’ traffic was going to be like for our run down the motorway. As it turned out, the traffic south was busy but moved along at a good pace.

One of my very first rides as a road captain was to the East Coast Hotel at Kaiaua. Back then, the dealership was at Khyber Pass, so it wasn’t an exact rerun, but it was close enough.  After leaving Auckland, we left the motorway at Island Block Road and headed through the northern Waikato back roads that were, well, empty.  With the ever-reliable Tail End Charlie Nev seldom out of view there was no need to corner mark.  A couple of minutes of misty drizzle didn’t even wet the road through the coalfields. 

After crossing Highway 2 at Maramarua it was up and over the twisty Findlay Road before descending onto the long straights before Kaiaua. Burgers, chips and an adult beverage rounded out a great ride.

Joe 90


Cardrona HOG40 Ride Review from RC HughBeRiding

This is my report for the Cardrona HOG40 Ride which was enjoyed on Saturday 11th November as one of the events of the NZ National HOG Rally. Earlier in the day we rode in the Thunder Run with anywhere from 500 to 600 Harleys in perfect conditions and late morning we found ourselves lining up with another large group of Harleys on one of three organised rides following the conclusion of the Clyde stopover. The assembly point was the Clyde Dam Upper Lookout carpark with marshalls directing bikes to the staging areas for their chosen rides. Once the ride briefing was done and engines started our group followed the RC out onto SH8 in a northerly direction heading back up past Cromwell with the Clutha River alongside us until turning left onto SH8A just before Tarras. We travelled along roads largely empty of any traffic before merging back onto SH6 just past Luggate and it was here that I was grateful to be waved past an older Fat Boy which was putting out quite the smoke screen as it battled gamely on. We turned left off SH6 onto Riverbank Rd due to roadworks ahead on the main highway and it was here the RC pulled over for a regather at the side of the ride and to my surprise, I came to understand that many riders on this group had clearly never experienced a regather before and just came to a stop in the main carriageway with much gesturing and shrugging of shoulders making it clear they were completely bamboozled that a ride would come to a halt for any reason. Thankfully, the traffic on Riverbank Rd was light to non-existent so there were no incidents and it wasn’t long before the TEC sailed past to give the RC the all-clear and we could carry on rolling. We very soon connected onto Cardrona Valley Rd and from there it was an easy and enjoyably brisk ride up to the old Cardrona Hotel where we all relaxed and enjoyed refreshments in the extensive garden bar out the back of the hotel. After the meals and refreshments a five-minute call was announced out to the garden bar and most of us kitted up and followed the RC back over Crown Range Rd enjoying a spectacular ascent and amazing scenery before summiting and coming back down the other side towards Arrow Junction and then having a lively ride along SH6 past the Kawerau Gorge and pulling into the Highlands Park Motorsport Park just in time to watch some high octane thrills during the Chapter Games. Big shout out to all the RCs and TECs for the HOG40 rides, we had an awesome time.

RC HughBe

Cardrona HOG40.6

Cardrona HOG40Cardrona HOG40.3Cardrona HOG40.2Cardrona HOG40.4Cardrona HOG40.10Cardrona HOG40.8Cardrona HOG40.5Cardrona HOG40.7

Cromwell HOG40 Review Pt3 from MO Luppo

Saturday 11/11/23 Thunder Run Ride to Clyde Dam and the organised Cardrona Ride Crown Range, the Vulcan Ride St Bathans and the Nevis Pan America Ride, a 1st in New Zealand for a HOG Rally. What a beautiful sunny warm morning we arose to, an absolute stunner of a day. We were all up early, ready to seize the day which started with a hearty breakfast.

There were registrations still going on and the merchandise was flying off the floor. You could feel the excitement in the air, the gate was abuzz with the sound of Harley's filing in one after the other and before long the main parking area was full of hundreds of bikes, and an Indian, oh well, at least the rider had his HOG patch on. 

Bikes were all sorted into lanes and at 9.45 am the ride started, all rolling out the exit while bikes were still rolling in at the entrance. About 600 bikes was the estimation. We headed out over the bridge, crossing the Clutha River, taking a right towards Clyde, by now most of us now knew we were heading to the Clyde dam, which that day was open for the HOG40 Rally to cross onto and park up there for about half an hour, a glorious site to view from drone footage. We were then treated to the opening of the floodgates, good to see if you were right underneath them, but the best vantage point to see is from the lookout a few hundred meters along the river.

Then we were all off for a short ride to Clyde township where we all parked up in the main street and were greeted with a powhiri from the local school children. It was also a good time to catch up with those not seen in a while as acquaintances were re-acquainted. Hoggies took advantage of what Clyde had to offer and many could be seen getting some cold refreshments and a bite to eat from the cafés and bars. By now the heat was on as riders started peeling off layers and ducking for shaded areas. Soon, we were back on the bikes, but once again only a short ride to the Clyde Dam lookout and on arrival there, marshalls split the riders into the 3 group rides to take place; Cardrona, Vulcan, Nevis. D'mon and I on Kahuna with a few of our Chapter members opted for the St Bathans Vulcan hotel ride and after the briefing, we were off about 200 bikes in our group.

We cruised off along SH8 past Clyde township and headed inland onto SH85, bypassing Alexandra (still haven't been there, so close, lol). Amazing views looking north of long mountain ranges and snow-capped mountains. Passing through Springvale, Chatto Creek, Omakau, Lauder turning left at Becks and onto the St Bathans Loop Road and about 10 minutes later the ride arrived at the Vulcan/ To my surprise, riders were parking before the hotel, so I cruised through to the pub to find only 2 Harleys and a handful of trail bikes parked outside! We quickly dismounted and I did what I wanted to do when we got there, grab a quick beer and stand outside and do the "Spock" and of course get some pics. Dee and I then ventured off to the blue lake with others for more pics. After the bar had cleared and quite a few riders had left, as for some reason the hotel was not prepared for that many riders? Dee and I went to check out Rose's room, the haunted room. It was pleasant and warm, with no eerie feeling. We did a mihi and karakia to Rose, left her some aroha and we left. I had intended to do the whole loop only to find out that 10ks of it was a gravel road. I would have done it, but time was pressing, and we had to get back to Cromwell for the next event of the day, There were maybe about 12 bikes still there at that time, but we would find ourselves the only bike on the road heading back. There were bikes at a couple of bars along the way, but we wouldn't see anyone until we came across Hotrocks backpedalling, missed a turnoff to Clyde and blamed his GPS lol, then Kermit would fall in behind just after Clyde, great company to have heading back to base. 

The next event for the day was the Inter-Chapter Go-cart challenge at Highlands Raceway. The weather was quite balmy by now, and we sought shade or windy spots around the venue. There were already quite a few hoggies there when we arrived, however, we were short of a few members still being out on the rides, I had no intention of racing, but as it was, I ended up in a go-cart, just, lol. We commenced qualifying, about 10 minutes on track to find the top 18 drivers. Average lap times were in the 52sec range, with D'mon getting the fastest time of 53.108 in our chapter. The rest of us would be in the 54-57sec range (55.007 Luppo and Cammo 56.37). It was quite obvious the other chapters had had some practice and had good knowledge of the track layout. Dee's fastest time would see her the only Auckland Chapter member to make the final and the only female. She would start from the 2nd row, but she came a cropper in the 1st bend and put her cart into the barrier, dropping to last and finishing in that position but with a fast time of 53.111. The fastest time of about 49 sec would go to Christchurch Chapter, but I knew Kenny had been out to practice, and it obviously paid off with CHCH taking the trophy. Auckland would finish 6th in the comp, 2nd to last, whew, just missed it, thanks D'mon on a bike, D'mon on a go-cart.

But that's not all, for those keen ones and for 40bux extra we could go do 2 laps on the race track. I think only Dee and I did it from our chapter and after the brief, 20 odd bikes were off but unlike our fellow hoggies, they followed immediately after the chase car, I waited about 10 seconds then took off, canning it, hitting 100 mile-an-hour on the straight an just hauling Kahuna in on time before a chicane an slicing through. I would quickly pass D'mon on Puurl (she really enjoyed it) pass 2 big ultras, a wide glide and a sportster before it was all over. I waited at pit entry for Dee and she soon arrived about 40 seconds later. What a blast, what a fun day.

By now it was late afternoon as we returned to the Gate. After refreshing ourselves, we went to the HOG40 dinner. The place was packed inside, outside, in the marquee and abuzz with chat and laughter as everyone relayed their days fun to each other. It was going off, the food was great, the drinks were flowing. Annie, with our guest host MOC, radio DJ and man on the mic, Grant Stewart started off the final evening with prize-giving, raffle winners and auctions. Then the real entertainment would start. The band played a lot of the classics we had heard the night before, however, it was a different band with a different flavour followed by dancing with joy. We drank, laughed, had fun but the night before shenanigans had caught up with me, as it was with quite a few others, the day had been long and exhausting and we were tired and retired for the night and left the hardy and staunch to enjoy the rest of the night.

Thanks to the Harley Davidson Motor Company, all HOG Chapters of Aotearoa NZ, HOG NZRep Annie Howe, HOG Australia, HOG Canada, HOG USA, the Gate, Harvest Hotel Cromwell and everyone who helped put together and run this amazing event, mauriora!

Pt 4 to come, The Journey Home.


Click on the image for our Facebook album.

HOG40 Cromwell Cromwell 11.11.23HOG40 Cromwell Cromwell Cromwell Cromwell Cromwell Cromwell Cromwell Cromwell Cromwell Cromwell Cromwell Cromwell Cromwell Cromwell Cromwell Cromwell Cromwell Cromwell Cromwell Cromwell Cromwell Cromwell Cromwell Cromwell Cromwell Cromwell Cromwell Cromwell Cromwell Cromwell Cromwell Cromwell Cromwell Cromwell

Hi all. These are our Christmas and New Year opening times .

We're closed Xmas Eve (its a Sunday this year) and Xmas day and Boxing Day, Sunday 31st , New Years Day and the 2nd of January.

Other than those statutory days, we're open normally this year.

Happy Holidays everyone

HD xmas opening times

Lets Ride 3

Auckland HOG Saturday Ride to Puhoi 09/12/23

All HOG members and friends are welcome
Time: 1:00pm-5:00pm
Location: North Auckland Harley-Davidson, 64 Barrys Point Rd, Takapuna map
Road Captain: Hugh to lead
Event time ending is a guide only.
The RCs route/destination ride brief takes place 10 minutes before the ride begins.
Please ensure your bike has a current WOF and Registration.
Guest pillions/partners are welcome to join the ride.
Patches and Rockers are optional

Lets Ride Auckland Chapter Social Sunday

Auckland HOG Sunday Social - Make your own Ride 10/12/23

All H.O.G. members and friends are welcome. For those members unable to make our usual Saturday rides we are relaunching a monthly Social Sunday Make Your Own Ride departing from McDonalds Greenlane. Have a fun ride with whoever is available. Locations and routes to be decided amongst those present. Choose your own ride leader on the day.

Depart Location: McDonalds Greenlane, 320-356 Gt South Road, Greenlane, Auckland 1051
Time: 11:00 am - 3:00 pm.
Road Captain: On the Day
Note: Event end time is a guide only.
The RCs brief takes place 10 minutes before the ride begins.
Please ensure your bike has a current WoF and Registration.
Pillions are welcome to join the ride.
Back patches and rockers are optional.
Ride safe and have fun.

Committee Meeting logo

Auckland HOG Committee Meeting 11/12/23

Committee Meeting for the H.O.G. Auckland Chapter at Auckland Harley-Davidson, 521 Mt Wellington Highway, Mt Wellington, Auckland in the boardroom or upper mezzanine. All H.O.G. members are welcome to attend.

Time: 6.00 pm 

Kevin Trike Midweek Ride Cambridge 10.22

Auckland HOG Midweek Ride to Mangawhai Christmas Cheer 13/12/23

All H.O.G. members and friends are welcome.
Kev's Christmas Shout (lunch on Kev) and there will also be a mystery prize draw. Ride up, roll up (it's not often Kev shouts) and take part in some Christmas fun (Ride, Lunch, Mystery Prize Draw)

Depart Location: North Auckland Harley-Davidson, Takapuna. <Click here for Map>
Time: 10:30 am
Road Captain: Kevin to lead
Distance: Approx 100 km 
Note: Event end time is a guide only.
The RCs brief takes place 10 minutes before the ride begins.
Please ensure your bike has a current WoF and Registration.
Pillions are welcome to join the ride.
Back patches and rockers are optional.
Ride safe and have fun.

RC Ratbag Mangawhai 13.09.23

Bike of the Week 

MO Bike of the week The Cammo Rod 2023

Photo Of the Week

Photo of the Week Clyde Dam

Patch of the Week

Patch of thr Week 120 Anniversary.2

T-Shirt of the Week

T-shirt of the week Mrs McGowan HOG40 2023

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Bobberbob - HOG Rally NZ 2023. Day 4:The One with all the Riding

HughBeRiding - We Ride The Crown Range HD120/HOG40

Hugh Beenriding

nimbul1rides - 120th Cromwell Rally 2023. Pt1

Nigel nimbul1rides 6

Gary & Bells Little Adventures - Harley Davidson 120 Anniversary NZ Pt3

Gary and Bells Adventures.2

idea factory

Do you have any great ideas for your Chapter in regard to ride route locations and ride events?

These can be Saturday Open rides, Chapter rides, Midweek rides, Night rides, Dinner Rides, Hard Arse rides, Novelty rides hell any kind of ride route and event you think of.

This is your Chapter and you can be part of the decision-making, does this sound like you, then contact your Director, Head Road Captain, or Activities Officer or contact them all to discuss the possibilities, we are always up to fresh ideas to share with your HOG family.




Thank you to those members who have donated blood, your contribution has helped save 214 lives. Click on the link to learn more.

National Breast Cancer Foundation

Prostate NZ

The Good in the Hood program at Z Sylvia Park. If anyone is using this station and felt so inclined could they select Auckland Whanau Special Needs Support Group, another charity that Trevor and Joy from MDN are part of.



MDA and MDN Explained

MDN Logo

As a registered charity, we rely almost entirely on voluntary donations from the general public, trusts and other businesses/organisations to provide specialist information and practical support to individuals and whanau with lived experience of rare neuromuscular conditions.  The Auckland Harley Owners’ group have been a huge support to the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDN) for many years.  

We have three regional branches based throughout the country that are supported by the National Office based in Auckland, one of those branches been MDN and we cover the area from Kaitaia to Taupo.

Our logo is a person shown in the form of DNA.  This double helix represents the genetic component to many of our conditions and reflects our strong commitment to families and the acknowledgement of whakapapa or family histories, which are woven through the stories of our members.  We believe in strengthening and supporting both individuals with neuromuscular conditions, their whanau and their communities of support.

A lot of our support we give to members is based on an outreach service via our Fieldworkers, information on the rare conditions we cover and also events that members can attend and network with others travelling the same journey as themselves.

The Auckland Harley Owners Group have been long-time supporters of MDN and attend many of our events and get involved with our branch.

Trevor Jenkin

National Executive Chairperson, Northern Branch Chairperson &

Calls 4 Charity Ltd Director

Muscular Dystrophy Association of New Zealand

419 Church Street East, Penrose, Auckland 

PO Box 12063, Penrose, Auckland 1642
0800 800 337 |  021 267 4380 | Charity Number: CC31123
facebook.com/MDANationalOffice www.mda.org.nz

The Sheriffssss

Sheriff Worf

Reminder – Don’t forget to drop your mates in it for those little incidents, accidents and infractions. The money obtained/extorted goes to the Chapter Welfare Fund and is used to assist Chapter Members who have had the not so little incidents and accidents.

Email the sheriff sheriff@aucklandhog.org.nz

Never let any truth or facts get in the way of a good story

Weird! Wacky! or Wonderful!

weird bike.4weird bikeweird bike.2


Yo ho ho “MT Bike Nite” this Thursday 7th Dec, 5.00 pm, Franklin Pub Beachlands, last one for the year. Let's make it a big one, pizza oven on, pass the word on to other riders
Cheers LT

Sat 9 Dec 2023, Auckland and North Auckland Harley-Davidson will be having a HOG Christmas Discount Day

In-store only, 15% Off for current HOG members - must show HOG Membership Card

Paws Justice raffle

Help feed animals in need and you could win a 2023 HARLEY-DAVIDSON® BREAKOUT™ 117. There are limited numbers for the Paw Justice fund-raising raffle, so that means there is a better chance for some lucky supporter who wants to help homeless animals, win this amazing prize! Share with anyone in your friend group or around the office who loves their pet or loves motorcycles. The HARLEY-DAVIDSON® BREAKOUT™ 117 is an absolute stunner of a motorcycle. There is going to be one very happy/lucky person that will win this amazing HARLEY-DAVIDSON®. All you have to do is go to the Paw Justice website https://www.pawjustice.co.nz purchase a raffle ticket, to be into win! Plus you have just helped animals in need. A special thank you goes out to HARLEY-DAVIDSON®NZ for your support. Auckland Harley-Davidson, North Auckland Harley-Davidson, Road and Sport Harley-Davidson, East Coast Harley-Davidson, Harley-Davidson Feilding , Filco Farm & Sport , McIver & Veitch Harley-Davidson , Motomart Harley-Davidson

Wanted - Road Captains

Greetings All

Our club needs a few more RC’s. 

If you are interested and think you have the ability and commitment it takes, or you would like to know more, please contact me. 

My email is: roadcaptain@aucklandhog.org.nz

Otherwise, you can catch up with me on Chapter nights. 



Hotrocks 2021

The Gathering

the gathering raging bull 2023.2

coming soon

16.12.23 Saturday Ride Manukau Heads

18/12/23 Chapter Night + Finger Foods

22-23/03/24 The Raging Bull Gathering - Taranaki

23/12/23 Make Your Own Ride Christmas Weekend

30/12/23 Make Your Own Ride New Years Weekend

06/01/24 LUPPO Fish n Chip Ride to Invercargill

07/01/24 Sunday Social Ride

13/01/24 Road Captains Meeting

13/01/24 Saturday Ride Rangiriri

14/01/24 Sunday Chapter Ride Parua Bay

22/01/24 Chapter Night

27/01/24 Saturday Make Your Own Ride Anniversary Weekend

12/02/24 Committee Meeting

26/02/24 Chapter Night

11/03/24 Committee Meeting Online

22-23/03/24 The Gathering Raging Bull Taranaki

25/03/24 Chapter Night

HOG Logo 2021
Shayne Lipsham (LUPPO)
Membership Officer
Assistant Director
Mob - 021 146 1540
Luppo on Kahuna Highland Parl Cromwell 11.11.23


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