Midweek News - 22 May 2019

22nd May 2019
All sorts of info - Make sure you read it!

Hi all!

Rides Coming Up This Weekend


This Saturday 25th  of May   – Western Ride

Depart: North Auckland HD Store

Leader: Cammo

Info link



This Sunday – Ladies of Harley Ride  Sunday 26 May – Waipu Ride

Meet BP North for Coffee 9:30 AM ( Map)

Depart: 10:00 AM

Leaders:  Monica – Annie

Info link

Next Chapter Meeting – Monday 27th May

chapter night

Venue: Akarana Golf Club

1388 Dominion Rd, Mount Roskill, Auckland Map link

  • Dinner and drinks at 6:30 PM – Meeting starts at 7:30 PM

New members coming into the chapter night  for the first time:

  • Look for membership services desk as you come in – we will help sign you in and show you to the hosts at the new members table.


Our Sheriff (AKA “Doc”) – needs your help…

doc bike

*Note Doc’s new official sheriff transport

Dob in a mate, a Road Captain, actually anybody!

  • Please email the sheriff with any incidents worthy of his attention for fines for the next chapter night.
  • These may be bike or non-bike related

 Email the sheriff sheriff@aucklandhog.org.nz

to report on anybody for anything – (even fine the sheriff- good lock for trying)


  • Never let any truth or facts get in the way of a good story(Doc)

Final closing thoughts from Mike….

There was no real time opportunity to provide any update info or final appreciations from  the Membership area at  the AGM – so as this is my last Mid-week news – I have added some summary progress points  and appreciations for the last year:

Number and stats

  1. After the last AGM May last year (2018)  we had a net of 318 members in the chapter, 58 had expired from the total of 376 the previous year
  • ( so 15% did not renew for a variety of reasons – EG -sold their bike, not able to ride anymore, health reasons – moved out of Auckland or changed brands – or other unknown reasons)
  1. Since May last year 85 new members have joined ( so a 22% increase since the last AGM)

– and 52 (68%) of new members came via Member Jungle so it has proven to be good for growth.

  1. This year we peaked at 387 members
  1. So far, as the date of  AGM - 323 members (86%) of our members have swiftly renewed via Member Jungle  (MJ) and the website –so again the MJ and the new automatic reminders and receipting has proved efficient.
  • Currently 58 (14%) of chapter members are overdue in their renewals a couple of months.
  • So if you haven’t yet renewed can you please jump on the website here and take the 2 mins to renew your membership if you have not already


  1. The shift to the new Member Jungle App and the new website platform and that integration has been overall very successful.
  1. 85 new members is 22% growth from this time last year.
  1. We have a more efficient  new members integration process – automated welcoming letters and fees receipts, a membership services welcome desk with a sign in list clearly identifying new members – who can be easily identified.
  1. We have a new members table on chapter nights – special thanks to Rod – Jackie - Claz – Gren for manning that table and making the new members welcome
  1. We have email communicated to hundreds of new and second-hand bike buyers from both stores to promote Akld Chapter membership and some new members have come from that.
  1. We have an automated web / app based joining process
  • This automatically generates welcome letters, and membership sub receipts, events updates and links.
  1. We have a great Smart phone app – which beams out events – mid-week news and heaps of info

Special thanks….

A special thanks to several folks who supported me in the membership role,  to my predecessor

  • Dave Carson who patiently showed me the ropes,
  • to Doc for giving me the opportunity in 2017 for my first year on the committee, (It was the most hilarious year ¿),
  • to my wife Cherie who spent hundreds of hours installing the new app and web platform,
  • to Neville for his awesome technical support,
  • The new members table team
  • To the rest of the committee
  • To the chapter  members for kindly absorbing and transitioning with the changes with the new systems.

It is a pleasure to see Shayne Lipsham (Luppo) take on the role of membership officer. Shayne and Diona are great friends and it is obvious with his great networking and people skills he will add awesome value to the chapter and the membership role. Cherie and I have committed to provide good support in the handover to ensure his success.


Ride and have fun!

Chapter Chevron

Regards –and thanks everyone-  and “Over and out” from me…

Mike Weitenberg



New Membership officer contact

Shayne Lipsham  - Membership Officer


Ph: 021 146 1540 

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