Mid Week News - 10/07/2024

10th July 2024
By The Membership Officer

kiaOra HOG Auckland Chapter whanau, welcome to the Midweek Newsletter

Coming Soon - HOG Auckland Chapter Mid-Winter Party 3rd August

Midwinter Party 22.07.23

It’s time to dust off your dancing shoes !

In a little over three weeks’ time, the Akarana Golf Club will be the venue for our HOG Auckland Chapter mid-winter party on Saturday 3rd August from 7:30pm until late. There will be live music, finger food, great company and plenty of tall tales to be shared from everyone’s riding adventures over the last year. 

Don’t miss out, tickets are on sale now at the dealerships in Mt Wellington and Takapuna, priced at only $25 for members and $30 for non-members. Tickets for the party may also be purchased at our Chapter Night on 22nd July before the Annual Bottle Auction fundraiser for MDN.

Amra Blanchett  | Activities Officer

a: HOG Auckland Chapter | 521 Mt Wellington Hwy, Auckland
w: www.aucklandhog.org.nz
m: +64 21 304 820


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2024 Harley Davidson CVO Street Glide 121 VVT in Copperhead Scorched Chrome. Click on the image for more details or inquire now at your local HD Dealership.

In Your Midweek News 

  • Swanson RSA Ride Review
  • Karaka Ride Review
  • Road Captains Meeting
  • Lets Ride - Kaiaua
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  • PAWS Justice Raffle
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copper head cvo road glide.jpg

2024 Harley Davidson CVO Road Glide 121VVT in Copperhead Scorched Chrome. Click on the image for more details or inquire now at your local dealership.

Swanson Ride Review from HughBeRC

Saturday dawned cold and with a 50/50 chance of rain but it looked good enough to make the call to proceed and I was very happy to see 8 bikes including two pillions turn up for our ride out to the RSA Swanson. 

Another surprise was meeting a guy named Evan at North Auckland Harley-Davidson who turns out to be the original owner of my bike. It wasn’t a surprise to hear him say many times over that he regretted selling it ever since ! 

Anyway, we had our ride briefing and set off from Barrys Point Road in fair weather around 1pm with Neville looking after the rear of the group. We all got through the notoriously short phased lights onto Esmonde Road but then got separated at the lights just before the motorway onramp leaving only our lead bike and D’mon on the Sport Glide heading up the Northern motorway together. We rode at a moderate pace allowing the rest of the group to catch us just before Sunset Road and then turned on the juice moving into the fast lane and from that point we managed to stay fairly close together with the TEC always in sight meaning there was no need for corner marking throughout the ride.

We got off the motorway at Millwater and headed through Dairy Flat which was when the weather really started to come down on us. I pulled the group over at Waitoki giving a chance to anyone that hadn’t already got their wets on to make the necessary adjustment but our group was happy to proceed so we pressed on. Soon afterwards heading down Peak Road the sun came out and with it some pretty good gusts of wind that pushed the bikes around a little but many of us have ridden through worse and it didn’t last too long. We turned off Peak onto Taylor Road to take us through to Waimauku which is when we ended up stuck behind a farmers truck transporting eight impossibly large bales of hay wrapped in biodegradable green plastic wrap. At least I’m fairly sure that’s what it was but then and again, I’m no farmer. Taylor Road is not blessed with many straights being more of an interesting curvy road with a delightful overhung forestry glade-like section so we were forced to meander behind the truck and his load without any chance to overtake. As we eventually came into Waimauku it became clear the same truck was going to head up Muriwai Road which was where we were originally travelling but I took a course correction to evade the truck and led the group down SH16 planning to turn onto Foster Road and regain our planned route.

Imagine my surprise to see the section of SH16 between Waimauku and Foster Road now totally transformed into a single lane each way - with no shoulder - and with all manner of barriers and orange cones to reinforce the “temporary” layout. To add further indignity was a large “No Right Turn” sign onto Foster Road which just served to reinforce my feelings of dissatisfaction with the Auckland regional roading overloads. I could see Foster Road was open to traffic travelling in a westerly direction and with only light traffic in the area took the decision to bring the group onto Foster Road regardless. I expect the sheriffs may get wind of this transaction and I will happily pay the price because we finally got rid of the farmers truck and never saw it again. Once we got back on track we headed up some seldom travelled roads before popping out onto Waitakere Road where the rain once again set in. I was close to shortening the ride and heading straight up and onto Swanson Road but decided we would have the scenic option and headed up McEntee/Sunnyvale onto Redhills before looping back to Swanson Road via Birdwood Road.

Our group arrived at RSA Swanson to find plenty of great parking right outside the door and a very warm welcome in the comfortable lounge bar overlooking the golf course where we enjoyed cold drinks, hot meals and good conversation. Thanks to everyone that came along and special thanks to Nev for once again running as Tail End Charlie.

RC HughBe Swanson Ride 06.07.24.jpgRC HughBe Swanson Ride HughBe Swanson Ride HughBe Swanson Ride HughBe Swanson Ride HughBe Swanson Ride

Laid Back Coffee Cruise Karaka Review from DR Bugsy

Laid Back Coffee Cruise - South

Sun 7 July 2024 depart 9.30am from The Coffee Club, Ellerslie

Destination: CCT Lavender Farm & Cafe, Karaka

Sunday dawned warm, bright and clear - oops sorry was dreaming, more like chilly, damp and the clouds looked threatening even though the forecast was for cloud but no rain.

Grabbed a coffee while waiting to see if there would be any takers as the sky grew blacker and blacker.  But 14 hardy souls on 12 bikes headed out on what ended up being a dry ride with the odd road being wet. We must have timed it well.

With everyone (hoping to be able to keep up following Bugsy riding a bright orange H-DX500 (thanks Auckland H-D) we headed south on the motorway, off at Hill Road, down through Alfriston and then on towards Brookby before taking Twilight Road winding over to Clevedon.  We then headed towards Papakura, sticking to the outskirts and on towards Drury, across the Motorway before winding through some more nice back roads to end up at the CCT Lavender Farm & Cafe.  Where we were well looked after and had some nice food, drink and company.

Thank you to Nev for TEC and Joe 90 for sticking in the middle to keep me updated as we rode.  Thanks especially to everyone for keeping together, with one re-group and one corner marked.  Way to go guys.

With clouds threatening we headed home, some of us got wet and some snuck through staying dry.  A good way to spend a Sunday morning.  Thanks for the good company and the enjoyable ride with a mix of motorway, secondary roads, back roads, windies and straights.

Cheers, Bugsy

RC Bugsy Karaka Ride 07.07.24.jpgRC Bugsy Karaka Ride Bugsy Karaka Ride Bugsy Karaka Ride Bugsy Karaka Ride Bugsy Karaka Ride Bugsy Karaka Ride Bugsy Karaka Ride Bugsy Karaka Ride

RC Bugsy Karaka Ride

Road Captains Meeting

HOG Road Captain 2

All Road Captains to attend. 
Location: Auckland Harley-Davidson, 521 Mt Wellington Highway, Mt Wellington. <Click here for Map> 
On the upstairs mezzanine or the boardroom.
Time: 11:30 am - 12:30 pm.

Lets Ride Kaiaua.jpg

Auckland HOG Ride to Kaiaua 21.07.24

All H.O.G. members and friends are welcome.
Depart Location: Auckland Harley-Davidson, Mt Wellington. <Click here for Map>
Time: 1:00 pm - 5.00 pm.
Road Captain: Nev to lead
Note: Event end time is a guide only.
The RCs brief takes place 10 minutes before the ride begins.
Please ensure your bike has a current WoF and Registration.
Pillions are welcome to join the ride.
Back patches and rockers are optional.
Ride safe and have fun.

Bike of the Week

MO Bike of the week Craig Urquhart 2024.jpgMO Bike of the week Craig Urquhart 2024.2.jpg

Photo of the Week 

Photo of the Week 07.07.24 LBCC Karaka.jpg

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*HARLEY-DAVIDSON INSURANCE SERVICES is a trading style of the Swann Insurance business division of IAG New Zealand Ltd
and policies issued under the trading style Harley-Davidson Insurance Services are issued, administered and underwritten by IAG New Zealand Limited.
Contact the Sales Teams at Auckland or North Auckland Harley-Davidson for more information or to sign up.
Key Features & Benefits
Features & Benefits: Full Cover HOG Member

  •  Agreed value policy (inclusive of GST)
  • 24/7 Emergency Roadside Assistance
  • Riding apparel cover $10,000 ($5000 for rider & $5000 for pillion)
  • Accommodation cover following an event up to $500.
  • Drive Belts (must be sudden external cause)
  • Club & Track Day cover
  • Transit cover
  • Up to $500 to transport the motorcycle to the nearest repairer following an accident.
  • Windscreen & Lenses
  • Fatal Accident cover up to $5,000.
  • Medical expenses up to $500
  • Cover for a replacement motorcycle, valued at less than $65,000 for 30 days from the date of purchase.
  • Keys & Locks ($1,000 with a $100excess)
  • Optional Named Rider cover
  • $20,000,000 Third Party Liability cover
  • Faultless Excess
  • Flexible payment options
  • Transfer of car No Claims Bonus to motorcycle up to a maximum of rating 2 (for riders over the age of 21 with a full motorcycle licence)
  • Plain language Policy Wording and Proposal
  • Coverage throughout New Zealand

Policy Excesses

An excess is an amount that the insured must pay in relation to a claim under the
There are five types of excesses: -
Basic Excess
(or standard excess) is $500 (unless stated otherwise on the schedule)
Age Excess
is based on the age of the rider at the time of the accident. For riders under 25 years
of age, the age excess amount will be $500 (unless stated otherwise). The age excess
does not apply if the motorcycle is stolen.
Licence Excess
Applies to any riders with a Learner or Restricted licence on a LAMS approved
motorcycle. Excess amount $500
Theft Excess
If the motorcycle is stolen, an additional theft excess of $500 applies.
Special Excess
Is usually imposed because of, riding history, claims experience and type of
motorcycle insured. Varies from rider to rider.
N.B. These excesses are added together in the event of a claim. For theft claims, the
insured does not pay any age or licence excess.

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HughBeRiding - Ride with Ray

Hugh Beenriding


Thank you to those members who have donated blood, your contribution has helped save 214 lives. Click on the link to learn more.

National Breast Cancer Foundation

Prostate NZ

MDA and MDN Explained

MDN Logo

Trevor Jenkin

National Executive Chairperson, Northern Branch Chairperson &

Calls 4 Charity Ltd Director

Muscular Dystrophy Association of New Zealand

419 Church Street East, Penrose, Auckland 

PO Box 12063, Penrose, Auckland 1642
0800 800 337 |  021 267 4380 | Charity Number: CC31123
facebook.com/MDANationalOffice www.mda.org.nz

The Sheriffs

sheriff cartoon.jpg

Reminder – Don’t forget to drop your mates in it for those little incidents, accidents and infractions. The money obtained/extorted goes to the Chapter Welfare Fund and is used to assist Chapter Members who have had the not so little incidents and accidents.

Email the sheriff sheriff@aucklandhog.org.nz

or call/text  021 959 026

“Never let any truth or facts get in the way of a good story”


Auckland H.O.G. Chapter Night & Bottle Auction 22.07.24


Bottle Auction night 2 26.7.21.jpg

Kiaora Auckland HOG whanau.
Members, new members, family and friends are invited to the Akarana Golf Club for our monthly Chapter night and annual Bottle Auction fundraiser for MDN. Bar and Menu are available from 6.30pm. Share a drink or two and a meal with members before the meeting commences at 7.30 pm with the bottle auction to follow soon afterwards.

Special Event: We welcome you all to our annual bottle auction, one of our key fundraising activities for Muscular Dystrophy Northern. For those that are new to the experience, several pointers:

  • Bring a wrapped bottle (or two if you want) that will be pooled and auctioned
  • Please, NO booby prizes - bottles of water no longer cut the mustard and were never a good idea. 
  • Our very experienced chief auctioneer will seek to extract your best bids as donations to MDN. 
  • Please feel free to buy your own bottle back if you so wish. 
  • We will have EFTPOS there and can also accept telephone banking deposits, just in case you forget to bring any cash. 
  • If you can not make it or miss out at the auction, please feel free to make a small donation to MDN. 

So please, come and show your support for MDN - this is a key event in their calendar too - and Trevor and Joy would love to see you on the night.

Time: from 6.30 pm-9.00 pm.
Location: Akarana Golf Club, 1388 Dominion Rd, Mt Roskill. <Click here for Map>

paws justice.jpg


Operation SOS - Save our Shelters.
Your chance to help Animals in need, plus you could win some amazing prizes.

Paw Justice need your help again as animal shelters are overloaded and the demand for life-saving pet food is higher than ever. This year, we have added 14 more great prizes to the prize pool to give supporters a better chance at winning. 100% of the funds raised from the Paw Justice raffle for the Harley-Davidson Fat Boy and the 14 other great prizes will be used for the operation of the Paw Justice Food Bank program, which helps feed homeless animals and struggling communities around the country.

Please help spread the word about this awesome raffle and share it to help make a difference for animals in need.



next winner paws justice.jpg

  • Harley-Davidson® Fat Boy™ Vivid Black $41,665
  • STIHL Albany $4,000 voucher
  • David Tua & Lennox Lewis framed sports Memorabilia $2,700
  • Breville Coffee Machine $2,499.95
  • Carter's Tyre Service 4 x GT Radial Tyre's $2,000 Voucher*
  • Peter Alexander sleepwear $1,500
  • NZ Warriors 2024 Framed and Signed Jumper $1,100
  • Service Denim store $1,000 voucher
  • Hirepool $1,000 voucher
  • PlaceMakers $1,000 voucher
  • Timmermans Jewellers $1,000 voucher
  • BurgerFuel 1 x Burger a week for a year $972.40*
  • Sa1nts Layers $750 voucher
  • Sa1nts Moto $750 voucher
  • Lowlife car products $500 voucher

S.O.S (Save Our Shelters) is dedicated to supporting and equipping our local animal shelters so they can effectively carry out their invaluable work.

These shelters are the unsung heroes within our community, tirelessly caring for animals in need.

The Paw Justice Food Bank program provides life-saving support to these animal shelters to ensure they have the necessary resources to continue offering pet food, promoting the health and well-being of shelter animals until they find their forever homes

paws justice foodbank.jpg

Don't miss out, get your ticket and help animals in need. https://fatboylottery.flicket.co.nz


Northern Thunder November 8-9, New Plymouth - Sold Out

Northern Thunder 2024.jpg

Southern Roar November 15-17, Westport - still a few tickets left...

Southern roar 2024.jpg

Burt Munro Challenge, click on the image for details.

Burt Munro 2025.jpg

So..What's Your Membership Officer "up to bro"

Lakeside Riders.jpg


ruawai riders.jpg

iron thunder.jpg

The Head Road Captain

Patch Road Captain HOG logo 2

What Our Chapter Can Offer You If You Are A Less Experienced Rider
The Auckland Chapter is here to foster members to Ride and Have Fun. We have a
number of options as listed below. We encourage all members to join in, with the caveat
that they are able to ride comfortably at the posted speed limits applicable on the ride. As
we are not licensed instructors, we cannot be there to teach how to ride, but to provide a
safe environment for all our members.
What we can and do offer.

In all cases, check out the event calendar on Member Jungle (MJ) for full details.

  • Sunday morning Laid Back Coffee rides – This ride offers a shorter distance at a slower pace with riders of a similar level of experience to you. It provides an opportunity to meet possible “riding buddies“ and to experience the camaraderie that is part of our Chapter culture.
  • Opportunities to find like-minded people and other riding buddies.
  • Occasional Sunday brunch events - these are not so much a ride, but again an opportunity to socialise and meet other Chapter members at all levels. Also, we encourage you to come along to Chapter Nights. This is another opportunity to meet other members, find out about Chapter events and locate riding buddies.
  • Pathways to obtain training and rider skills :

                    CRIB (Chapter Riding Information Briefing) – This short Saturday morning
session gives you the information you will need on how to ride with the Chapter. Important
protocols such as staggered formation riding and corner marking etc are explained. 
                    Riding Courses - Our safety officer will provide information, pathways and
links to promote riding courses such as the ACC Ride Forever programmes e.g. Pro Rider
bronze and silver courses. These courses are ideal for learning a variety of techniques to
help you not only to enjoy your riding but be safer on the road. Once you learn the skills
you can then spend time on your own (or with your riding buddies) practising them and
gaining more confidence, so that eventually you can handle one of our group rides. Chat
with other Chapter members to see what suits and be ready to ride and have fun.
What Level Do You Need to Reach Before Joining A Group Ride
Riding in a group may be a new experience for you. That is why the CRIB meeting is so
important as you will learn the way a HOG ride is organised, see the notes above. Riding
is all about confidence and we want to help instil that in our membership, and another
reason we promote the Ride Forever courses, as none of us are perfect. Please feel free
to talk to any of the Road Captains, or any other committee member if you have any
questions about group rides. We want as many riders as possible to enjoy the
camaraderie, to reach our destination safely, and then return home.
If you feel your level of ability and confidence is to a point where you want to “graduate“ to
say a Saturday afternoon ride, you need to be able to consistently keep to the legal speed
limit applicable to the various roads the ride will traverse. 
If for any reason you come on a ride and you are unable to keep up, as we only have a
certain amount of time available, the Road Captain may not be able to wait for you.
However, if that were to happen, you would always be welcome to make your way directly
to the venue at the end, at a speed you are more comfortable with. Pre-ride briefings
and/or a chat with the Road Captain/Tail End Charlie can help you understand what is
There is nothing as unpleasant or potentially dangerous than feeling you have to keep
up with others. It is important to at all times ride your own ride and not someone elses ride.
Remember to Ride and Have Fun.
Tony Horrocks (Hotrocks) - Head Road Captain

Wanted - Road Captains

If you are interested and think you have the ability and commitment it takes, or you would like to know more, please contact the Head Road Captain or see him on Chapter Nights or on our ride events.

Email: roadcaptain@aucklandhog.org.nz

Hotrocks 2021


coming soon

  • 21/07/24 Chapter Ride Coromandel Loop
  • 22/07/24 Bottle Auction Chapter Night
  • 27/07/24 Huapai Ride
  • 03/08/24 Mid-Winter Social
  • 12/08/24 Committee Meeting
  • 07/09/24 MDN Birthday Party
  • 12/13-10/24 HOT Training
  • 13/10/23 Pink Ribbon Ride
  • 03/25 MDN Camp

HOG Logo 2021

Shayne LUPPO Lipsham

Membership Officer

Assistant Director

Mobile: 021 146 1540

Email: membership@aucklandhog.org.nz

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HOG logo

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