Mid Week News - 04/05/2022

4th May 2022
By The Membership Officer
NZ Motorcycle Show Link.
Waihi Beach Debrief.
Chapter Night Report.
Lets Ride-Rangiriri.
Committee Meeting.
Let's Ride-Mid Week Ride-Okoroire.
The Sheriff.
Coming Soon.
kiaora Auckland HOG whanau.
nz motorcycle show 2022
The NZ Motorcycle Show is coming up next weekend and Auckland HOG will have our tent and some bikes on display. If you want your bike on display for the weekend and if you can help out and assist please contact Director Cammo. Click on the above image for the NZ Motorcycle website.
John Cameron (Cammo)
Director - Auckland HOG
mob +64 (0) 273 828 343

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  • Lets Ride-Rangiriri.
  • Committee Meeting.
  • Lets Ride-Midweek Ride Okoroire.
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international womens ride day 2022

Click on the link above for the website and details

Waihi Beach RSA Ride Debrief from HRC Deano

Hi all

Leaving home on my way to BP South I looked north & noticed rain clouds. It crossed my mind that some of our north members were going to get wet before the ride even started. Blue skies south, all good for me.
21 bikes & 2 pillions left BP south & exited the motorway at Ramarama. Passing through Mangatawhiri, Miranda & stopping off at the Kopu Hotel car park. There we met members from the Waikato Chapter. After a quick chat with their director Deane & another quick briefing and with approximately 37 bikes plus pillions, we headed off over the Kopu-Hikuai hill where we encountered our first lot of rain. By the time we got to the Whangamata Wharf most of us had dried out. A short stop there then off we rode to the Waihi Beach RSA taking a left through the Golden Valley.
The RSA was busy but they had enough room for all of us Hogs. 
The company was great, good to meet riders from another chapter & talk about how they do things.
Thanks to Dale for being TEC & thanks to all that came along for the ride.
Cheers Deano.
Deano HRC

Dean Hartshorne
Head Road Captain
Mob: 0275365645
Waihi RSA Chapter Ride 01.05.22Waihi RSA Chapter Ride 2 01.05.22Waihi RSA Chapter Ride 3 01.05.22Waihi RSA Chapter Ride 4 01.05.22Waihi RSA Chapter Ride 5 01.05.22Waihi RSA Chapter Ride 6 01.05.22Waihi RSA Chapter Ride 7 01.05.22Waihi RSA Chapter Ride 8 01.05.22Waihi RSA Chapter Ride 9 01.05.22Waihi RSA Chapter Ride 10 01.05.22Waihi RSA Chapter Ride 11 01.05.22Waihi RSA Chapter Ride 12 01.05.22
Chapter Night Report from the Director
Hi everyone,
Well, it was so good catching up with you all at Chapter Night on Monday, it was a very successful night with attendees all enjoying the first beverage for free, courtesy of the Chapter, a great turnout of members meant the tables were full and the chatter nice to hear again.
Ray reported that the quality of build of the new machines arriving from Thailand has been very good, paint quality and assembly to a very high standard, the stores are slowly getting stock of new models and demo bikes are available at both stores, give them a call to see what is available.
We are lucky to have new Sheriffs in town, yes two of them, Tim and Fran hit the ground running and the welfare coffers got a tidy increase, be aware folks, be aware!!
We then had the pleasure of Paul Pavletich as guest speaker, Paul was very keen to talk about his exploits on the track, where he was very successful, winning a number of NZ championships and still competing successfully now, he bought along his very nice F1 Yamaha track bike, originally a 750 but now with a 1000cc fitted in, it's great to see these older machines being raced still, doing what they are best at, going fast. After talking about his bike he moved into the Motorcycle safety programmes he is currently involved in, specifically the Ride Forever programme and he encouraged all of us to complete the courses if only to brush up on how we ride and there's always the opportunity to learn something new. He also pointed out some facts surrounding motorcycle accidents and deaths, at the moment just over 1 a week of us are dying on our roads, very sobering. He also invited us to come visit his collection of some 30 odd bikes, something we will organise as soon as we can. Thanks very much Paul.
Don't forget we have the NZ Motorcycle show coming up 14/15th May, please let me know if you can help out on the stand or if you would like to display your fine machine, call me 0273828343
Next important event is our AGM being held at Akarana Golf Club 23rd May, come along and support your Chapter.
Ride and Have Fun
John Cameron (Cammo)
Director - Auckland HOG
mob +64 (0) 273 828 343
Chapter Night May 2nd 2022Chapter Night May 2 2nd 2022Chapter Night May 3 2nd 2022Chapter Night May 4 2nd 2022Chapter Night May 5 2nd 2022Chapter Night May 6 2nd 2022
Rod Slater Book Two Years on Two Wheels
Book Launch, Two Years on Two Wheels by Rod Slater, get your copy now and Rod will donate 10% to MDN from every book sold.

Lets Ride 3

Auckland H.O.G Saturday Ride-Rangiriri Hotel

NOTE: NZ out of Daylight Savings - Saturday rides leave at 12 pm.

All H.O.G. members and friends are welcome.
Depart Location: Mt Wellington Harley, 521 Mt Wellington Highway, Mt Wellington. <Click here for Map>
Date: Saturday  07/05/2022.
Time: 12:00 pm - 5.00 pm.
Road Captain: Tony H. to Lead.
Note: Event end time is a guide only.
The RCs brief takes place 10 minutes before the ride begins.
Please ensure your bike has a current WoF and Registration.
Pillions are welcome to join the ride.
Back patches and rockers are optional.
Ride safe and have fun.

Committee Meeting logo

Auckland H.O.G. Committee Meeting

Committee Meeting for the Auckland H.O.G. Chapter at Auckland Harley-Davidson, 521 Mt Wellington Highway, Mt Wellington, Auckland on the upstairs mezzanine.

All H.O.G. members are welcome to attend.
Date: Monday 09/05/2022
Time: 6.00 pm 

Lets Ride 6

Auckland H.O.G. Midweek Ride-Okoroire Hot Springs Hotel

All H.O.G. members and friends are welcome.

Depart Location: Mt Wellington Harley, 521 Mt Wellington Highway, Mt Wellington. <Click here for Map>
Date: Wednesday 11/05/2022.
Time: 10:30 am - 5.00 pm.
Road Captain: Kevin F.
Distance: 171 kms approximately.
Note: Event end time is a guide only.
The RCs brief takes place 10 minutes before the ride begins.
Please ensure your bike has a current WoF and Registration.
Pillions are welcome to join the ride.
Back patches and rockers are optional.
Ride safe and have fun.


D'here's a nu sheriff in town by th' name o TC and he en' his deputy are cominin fer yer, theys a fixing o releasin' yer of soma yer gold so...

Dob in yer mate, a Road Captain, actually any varment!

Yous' cn' email th' Sheriff with any incidents worthy of his attention for fines for the next chapter night.

These may be bike or non-bike related.

 Email the sheriff sheriff@aucklandhog.org.nz

to report on anybody for anything – (even fine the sheriff- good luck for trying)

Never let any truth or facts get in the way of a good story

Membership Officer Bike of the Week

MO Bike of the week Celeste Heritage 01.05.22MO Bike of the week Celeste Heritage 2 01.05.22

Patch of the Week

Patch of the week Deane Waikato Director 01.05.22

T-Shirt of the Week

Tshirt of the week 3 09.04.22

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mt well hd
North Auckland Harley Davidson Shop Online
Harley-Davidson Genuine Motor Oil
Part and Services
need a part AKHD
TradeMe Auckland Harley Davidson Shop Online
AHD & NAHD Bikes on TradeMe


Coming Soon

14/05/22 Northern Destination Ride

15/05/22 Northern Riders

22/05/22 Chapter Ride Northern Destination

23/05/22 Chapter Night & AGM Akarana Golf Club

28/05/22 Southern Destination Ride

04/06/22 Make Your Own Ride Queens Birthday

08/06/22 Midweek Ride Whangarei

11/06/22 LOH Ride & Lunch Pine Harbour

11/06/22 Kaiwaka Ride

13/06/22 Committee Meeting

18/06/22 Kaiaua Ride

19/06/22 Northern Riders

25/06/22 Make Your Own Ride Matariki

27/06/22 Chapter Meeting

03.07/22 Chapter Ride Dargaville Paparoa

09/07/ Leigh Sawmill Ride

11/07/22 Committee Meeting

13/07/22 Midweek Ride Tirau

16/07/22 Road Captains Meeting

16/07/22 Patumahoe Ride

17/07/22 Northern Riders

24/07/22 Chapter Ride Tauranga

25/07/22 Chapter Meeting

30/07/22 Puhoi Ride


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Membership Officer Waihi RSA 01.05.22




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