Mid Week News - 15/05/2024

15th May 2024
By The Membership Officer

kiaora! HOG Auckland Chapter, welcome to the Midweek News

Subsidised AGM Tickets Still Available

There is still time to buy your subsidised meal ticket(s) for the Auckland Chapter AGM being held at the Salty Dog Inn at Snells Beach on Sunday 19th May. Tickets ONLY on sale at Auckland Harley-Davidson and North Auckland Harley-Davidson stores until close of business Monday 13th May. The purchase price of $20 per head covers a delicious buffet lunch which will be available following the conclusion of the AGM meeting.

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  • Puhoi Ride Review
  • Laid Back Coffee Cruise Review
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  • Annual General Meeting
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HD Wintersale 2024.jpg

HOG members will be allowed in from midday Friday 24th.

In-store winter sale starts Saturday 25th May
Only at Auckland Harley-Davidson, 521 Mt Wellington Highway

Puhoi Ride from HRC Hotrocks

Puhoi Pub Ride Review 11/5/2024 This was originally RC Shayne's ride, but I stood in for him as his household was struck down by Covid. I had little time to formulate a route plan, so I improvised and kept it simple. On a beautiful sunny but cold day, 23 bikes and 3 pillions set off from NAHD. We were lucky with all of us managing to get through all lights as one, and onto the motorway without getting split up. We exited the motorway at Wainui/Millwater, looping back to Waitoki. A brief regroup there took us down to Kaukapakapa and then a left straight up to Peak Rd and on to Helensville- another quick regroup there and loop back to Kaukapakapa. However, I found out later on that RC Pete's bike malfunctioned and left him, RC Tim,Linda and Fran 15 minutes behind us. From there we zoomed up SH 16 and turned into Woodcocks Rd. Another swift regroup and then on to Warkworth for a last regroup, then straight down old SH 1 to the iconic Puhoi Pub for refreshments and great live entertainment. As usual the place was packed but most of us found parking in the knee-deep gravel car park over the road. On arrival we were met by Pete and co who had all come to the pub by a more direct route as they were so far behind. Fines all round there I think for deliberate malingering!! I don't know about anyone else on the ride but I had an absolute blast leading a happy bunch of riders on a beautiful sunny day to arguably the best pub around. It was great to see some old hands actually turn up on a ride: notably Baldric and Dave Carson. More notably, Bos actually stood up and marked a corner- a first I think! Apart from the deliberate malingering, there were no incidents to report. Many thanks to RC Hugh for TEC duties and to RC SteveO for unofficial TEC in the middle of the group. Hotrocks (Tony Horrocks) Head R

Puhoi Ride RC Hotrocjs Ride RC Hotrocjs Ride RC Hotrocjs Ride RC Hotrocjs 13.05.24.jpgPuhoi Ride RC Hotrocjs Ride RC Hotrocjs

Images and Facebook video c/o HughBePhotographer.

Laid Back Coffee Cruise Review from TEC Bugsy

The day was beautifully crisp and clear for our ride to Ripples Cafe Gulf Harbour Marina.

Due to the popularity of these rides Cammo had put his hand up to lead the more experienced group riders on a slightly longer ride, while the plan was for me to lead a smaller group of less experienced/confident riders on a shorter ride to meet up together at roughly the same time at the Cafe.

Best laid plans etc etc but we had 11 bikes/riders, all experienced so we decided to just head off in one group.  Up the motorway, off at Oteha Valley winding through the countryside including Albany, Paremoremo, Riverhead, Watoki, then through to Silverdale, Red Beach and onto Gulf Harbour Marina.  The ride flowed well with no need for corner markers or re-grouping.

We are unsure but suspect that Mothers Day may have impacted the numbers or perhaps was the chilly start to the day.

Thanks to Cammo for leading and to all for an enjoyable ride and good company at the Cafe.

Cheers, Bugsy (TEC)

Laid Back Whangaparaoa RC Bugsy 12.05.24.jpgLaid Back Whangaparaoa RC Bugsy Back Whangaparaoa RC Bugsy Back Whangaparaoa RC Bugsy Back Whangaparaoa RC Bugsy Back Whangaparaoa RC Bugsy

Images c/o chapter photographer Kermit.

Laid Back Coffee Cruise Facebook Video from Vian

Laid Back Whangaparaoa RC Bugsy

No Paeroa Midweek Ride Review but the weather looked awesome  in my hometown with 6 riders enjoying the day out - image c/o Steveo

Paeroa Midweek Ride 08.05.24.jpg

lets Ride HOG

Auckland HOG AGM Chapter Ride to Snells Beach 19.05.24

All H.O.G. members are welcome as Cammo leads us on a short ride to the Salty Dog Inn at Snells Beach for our Annual General Meeting. 

There will be a delicious buffet meal at the venue subsidised by the Chapter with meal tickets priced at only $20 per head and available for purchase at both Auckland and North Auckland dealerships.

Note: this is a Closed Ride, which means it is only open to current HOG Auckland Chapter Members or, by invitation, current members of other HOG Chapters. If you are not a current HOG Auckland Chapter member and want to sample a ride with us then please consider trying one of our short distance Saturday rides or better yet sign up and enjoy all the benefits including our full range of rides and activities.

Depart Location: Z Silverdale <Click here for Map>
Road Captain: Cammo to lead
Note: Event end time is a guide only.
The RCs brief takes place 10 minutes before the ride begins.
Please ensure your bike has a current WoF and Registration.
Pillions are welcome to join the ride.
Back patches and rockers are optional.
Ride safe and have fun.


AGM logo.png


2024 AGM - Annual General Meeting - Salty Dog Inn Snells Beach

HOG Auckland Chapter 2024 AGM will be held at the Salty Dog Inn at Snells Beach on Sunday 19th May starting at 11:00 am to be followed by a delicious buffet lunch which will be subsidised by the Chapter.

To assist with catering meal tickets must be bought in advance and they are on sale now at both the Auckland and North Auckland dealerships for the all inclusive price of only $20 per head.

Please note: Last chance to purchase a meal ticket from either dealership will be close of business Monday 13th May 2024.

Location: Salty Dog Inn, Snells Beach 


Bike of the Week

MO Bike of the week IFRD 2024.jpg

Photo of the Week

Photo of the Week TJ Sth Is 2024.jpg

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Push the Limits, King of the Baggers season 2 Chapter 6, click on Youtube link

HughbeRiding - Escape from the Milford Sound

Hugh Beenriding

Bazrocks Riding the Lewis Pass

Photo of the Week Bazrocks in Sth Is.jpg



Thank you to those members who have donated blood, your contribution has helped save 214 lives. Click on the link to learn more.

National Breast Cancer Foundation

Prostate NZ

MDA and MDN Explained

MDN Logo


Trevor Jenkin

National Executive Chairperson, Northern Branch Chairperson &

Calls 4 Charity Ltd Director

Muscular Dystrophy Association of New Zealand

419 Church Street East, Penrose, Auckland 

PO Box 12063, Penrose, Auckland 1642
0800 800 337 |  021 267 4380 | Charity Number: CC31123
facebook.com/MDANationalOffice www.mda.org.nz

The Sheriffssss

Sheriffs Tim n Fran

Reminder – Don’t forget to drop your mates in it for those little incidents, accidents and infractions. The money obtained/extorted goes to the Chapter Welfare Fund and is used to assist Chapter Members who have had the not so little incidents and accidents.

Email the sheriff sheriff@aucklandhog.org.nz

“Never let any truth or facts get in the way of a good story”


Southern Roar, Westport - Just a few tickets left...

Southern roar 2024.jpg

Northern Thunder, New Plymouth - Sold Out

Northern Thunder 2024.jpg

Burt Munro Challenge, click on the image for details.

Burt Munro 2025.jpg



Patch Road Captain HOG logo 2

What Our Chapter Can Offer You If You Are A Less Experienced Rider
The Auckland Chapter is here to foster members to Ride and Have Fun. We have a
number of options as listed below. We encourage all members to join in, with the caveat
that they are able to ride comfortably at the posted speed limits applicable on the ride. As
we are not licensed instructors, we cannot be there to teach how to ride, but to provide a
safe environment for all our members.

What we can and do offer.

In all cases, check out the event calendar on Member Jungle (MJ) for full details.

  • Sunday morning Laid Back Coffee rides – This ride offers a shorter distance at a slower pace with riders of a similar level of experience to you. It provides an opportunity to meet possible “riding buddies“ and to experience the camaraderie that is part of our Chapter culture.
  • Opportunities to find like-minded people and other riding buddies.
  • Occasional Sunday brunch events - these are not so much a ride, but again an opportunity to socialise and meet other Chapter members at all levels. Also, we encourage you to come along to Chapter Nights. This is another opportunity to meet other members, find out about Chapter events and locate riding buddies.
  • Pathways to obtain training and rider skills :

                    CRIB (Chapter Riding Information Briefing) – This short Saturday morning
session gives you the information you will need on how to ride with the Chapter. Important
protocols such as staggered formation riding and corner marking etc are explained. 
                    Riding Courses - Our safety officer will provide information, pathways and
links to promote riding courses such as the ACC Ride Forever programmes e.g. Pro Rider
bronze and silver courses. These courses are ideal for learning a variety of techniques to
help you not only to enjoy your riding but be safer on the road. Once you learn the skills
you can then spend time on your own (or with your riding buddies) practising them and
gaining more confidence, so that eventually you can handle one of our group rides. Chat
with other Chapter members to see what suits and be ready to ride and have fun.
What Level Do You Need to Reach Before Joining A Group Ride
Riding in a group may be a new experience for you. That is why the CRIB meeting is so
important as you will learn the way a HOG ride is organised, see the notes above. Riding
is all about confidence and we want to help instil that in our membership, and another
reason we promote the Ride Forever courses, as none of us are perfect. Please feel free
to talk to any of the Road Captains, or any other committee member if you have any
questions about group rides. We want as many riders as possible to enjoy the
camaraderie, to reach our destination safely, and then return home.
If you feel your level of ability and confidence is to a point where you want to “graduate“ to
say a Saturday afternoon ride, you need to be able to consistently keep to the legal speed
limit applicable to the various roads the ride will traverse. 
If for any reason you come on a ride and you are unable to keep up, as we only have a
certain amount of time available, the Road Captain may not be able to wait for you.
However, if that were to happen, you would always be welcome to make your way directly
to the venue at the end, at a speed you are more comfortable with. Pre-ride briefings
and/or a chat with the Road Captain/Tail End Charlie can help you understand what is
There is nothing as unpleasant or potentially dangerous than feeling you have to keep
up with others. It is important to at all times ride your own ride and not someone elses ride.
Remember to Ride and Have Fun.
Tony Horrocks (Hotrocks) - Head Road Captain

Wanted - Road Captains

If you are interested and think you have the ability and commitment it takes, or you would like to know more, please contact the Head Road Captain or see him on Chapter Nights or on our ride events.

Email: roadcaptain@aucklandhog.org.nz

So...What's Your Membership Officer "up to bro"

For the dapers, 

DGR 2024.jpg

May 25 North Haven Hospice Charity Ride, Tumeke Riderz, Whangarei

Tumeke Riders Hospice ride 2024.jpg

Might do this ride or part of it, not sure yet..

Riders Against Meth 2024.jpg

June 29 Hikurangi Riders Shortest Day Poker Run

Hikurangi Riders 2024.jpg

Living to ride, riding to live, peace up

The M.O


coming soon

  • 25/05/24 CRIB
  • 25/05/24 Rangiriri Ride
  • 27/05/24 Chapter Night
  • 01/06/24 Make Your Own Ride Kings Birthday
  • 08/06/24 Mercer Ride
  • 10/06/24 Committee Meeting
  • 12/06/24 Waipu Midweek Ride
  • 15/06/24 North Ride
  • 23/06/24 Chapter Ride South
  • 24/06/24 Chapter Night
  • 29/06/24 Make Your Own Ride Matariki
  • 06/07/24 Swanson Ride
  • 07/07/24 Laid Back Coffee Cruise
  • 08/07/24 Online Committee Meeting
  • 10/7/24 Cambridge Midweek Ride
  • 13/07/24 Road Captains Meeting
  • 13/07/24 Kaiaua Ride
  • 21/07/24 Chapter Ride Coromandel Loop
  • 22/07/24 Bottle Auction Chapter Night
  • 27/07/24 Huapai Ride
HOG Logo 2021
Shayne Lipsham (LUPPO)
Membership Officer
Assistant Director
Mob - 021 146 1540
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Logo HD


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