We Want To Hear Your Ideas!

1st October 2022
This is your chapter – your new ideas make it exciting!

This is your chapter – your new ideas make it exciting!

We're all keen to hear your ideas to get new things happening in the chapter, new ride routes and new chapter activities.

  1. Perhaps you have ideas – for Saturday rides or chapter ride routes? …

  • So…play around with Google Maps and daydream about a few different ride destinations around the greater Auckland area that may take about 60—90 minutes – approx 100km - Do the same for longer chapter rides…and mock-up a ride route and - email Tony (Hotrocks) our Head Road Captain roadcaptain@aucklandhog.org.nz


  1. Perhaps you have great ideas for exciting chapter activities?...

  • So…daydream around and look at some stuff you think the members would enjoy, or cool social venues where members would have a blast (with or without bikes) and email Amra our Activities Officer at activities@aucklandhog.org.nz

  1. Perhaps you would like to add some new events to the monthly chapter nights

  • Have a brainstorm about interesting speakers you think could talk for 15 minutes, maybe from other Chapters (or HD Shop experts) or people you want to hear from, interviews, talks, experts, comedy or crazy stuff that could be included in the monthly chapter nights - let your creative brain have a rumble and email our Director Cammo at director@aucklandhog.org.nz


  1. Maybe you have ideas you would like to see new areas in the magazine?

  • Columns, photos, or commentary - or you notice something cool or took some great pics on a ride email our Editor Tony (TJ) at editor@aucklandhog.org.nz

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