Mid Week News - 07/10/2020

7th October 2020
By The M.O

kiaOra HOG whanau, welcome to the weekly newsletter.

Reminder Swashbucklers Dinner tonight at Westhaven from 6.30 pm map

Auckland and NZ will be at COVID-19 Alert Level 1 at 11.59 pm tonight.

In this weeks Newsletter 

  • Message from our Team Captain, Bugsy - TEAM RED
  • Kaiaua-Mystery Ride review by our HRC, Deano
  • Lets Ride-Sawmill
  • LOH-Leigh
  • Committee Meeting
  • Membership Officer Bike of the Week
  • Harley Davidson Auckland Dealerships 
  • HarleyShop
  • TradeMe
  • FaceBook
  • HOG Magazine 
  • Heavy Duty Magazine
  • Coming Soon
  • The Sheriff

Wanna Lend an Arm? - YouTube


Here's a chance to donate Blood and/or Plasma and link your donations to our Chapter (just numbers of donations, not details), using the NZ Blood Service "Team Red" system. 

Whether you already donate or want to give it a go for the first time this is for you.

The NZ Blood app makes keeping track of... - New Zealand Blood Service | Facebook

The Team Red is all set up and Donors can now come and donate under the Auckland Chapter of the Harley Owners Group

When you register you will need to tell the Receptionist that you want your donation to count towards the Team Red Group name.  The idea is to make sure we capture the donation.

Going forward it would be interesting to see how many donations the Chapter can make, and maybe challenge the other Chapters to set up their own 'Team Red'.  There is no end date providing donations continue, just keep those donations coming.

Check out the NZ Blood Service website (www.nzblood.co.nz) to find your local donor centre or mobile collection dates.

Beth Brannen is the Donor Relations Coordinator New Zealand Blood Service - Auckland and is happy to help if you are having trouble or just want her to book you in.  If you make a booking under your own name as normal, remember to mention Auckland Chapter of the Harley Owners Group.  m:+64 27 225 1959  e: Beth.Brannen@nzblood.co.nz

Let's do some good and if you can't donate you may want to look in to being an NZ Blood Service Volunteer.

Cheers, Bugsy (Team Captain)

Kaiaua/Mystery Ride. Hi Shayne. Ride to Kaiaua, 14 riders & 2 pillions. The ride got broken up leaving Mt Wellington due to light. We regrouped at Maraetai & all good from there. We rode the coast road, the weather was awesome. Great company at the Kaiaua Hotel. This pic is from Murray, we forgot to take some at Kaiaua. TEC was Nev (Mcgyver). 

There was a guest rider on a Suzuki, he couldn't find his keys at Kaiaua, looked in the toilets for them, he left them on his bike in the car park. Note from MO: hmm who can we fine?

Note: I have since found out our Suzuki friend name is Bill Gillespie, he requested to join our FB page (which I have rejected) I messenger he the requirements to join HOG Auckland Chapter, but he left this little message I will share with you..and I have invited Bill to ride with us again.

Hey Team, while I don’t have a Harley, ( I ride a Suzuki VZ800 M50), I was invited to ride along with you last weekend and enjoyed the ride and Team Spirit if allowed I would love to ride again with you, Bill Gillespie

Kaiaua Mystery ride 02.10.2020


Lets Ride 6
Leigh Ride-Sawmill
All HOG members and friends welcomed
Location: North Auckland HD, 64 Barrys Point Rd, Takapuna map
Date: Saturday 10.10.20
Time: 1.00 pm - 5.00 pm
Road Captain: Dale to lead
Note: Event End Time is a guide only
The RCs route/destination ride brief takes place 10 minutes before the ride begins
Please ensure your bike has a current WOF and Registration
Pillions: Are welcome to join the ride
Back Patches and Rockers: Are optional
LOH logo
All HOG members welcomed
Location: BP North map
Date: Sunday 11.10.20
Time: 1.00 am - 5.00 pm
Road Captain: Yasmine to lead
Note: Event End Time is a guide only
The RCs route/destination ride brief takes place 10 minutes before the ride begins
Please ensure your bike has a current WOF and Registration
Pillions: Are welcome to join the ride
Back Patches and Rockers: Are optional
Committee meeting logo
Committee Meeting for the Auckland HOG Chapter at HD Mt Wellington, 521 Mt Wellington Highway, on the upstairs mezzanine.
All HOG members welcome to attend.
Date: Monday 12.10.20
Time: 6.00 pm

Membership Officers Bike of the Week

MO Bike of the week-the Livewires 6.10.2020

The 2020 Livewire-twist and gone!

Dealership  and Shop Links- Click On Images

mt well hd
North Auckland Harley Davidson Shop Online
Harley-Davidson Genuine Motor Oil
Part and Services
need a part AKHD
TradeMe Auckland Harley Davidson Shop Online
AHD & NAHD Bikes on TradeMe
HOG Magazine

Every HOG magazine


We have 148 members on our Facebook page. 

This page is for Auckland HOG subscribed members only. Here you can upload and share photos, stories and anything HOG, Harley Davidson, rides and tours. Remember to accept the Admin's Terms of Use before you can be approved. You cannot use this page to sell items or for self business promotion advertising.

Please do not request a "friend request" if you are not an Auckland HOG subscribed chapter member and members do not add your friends as Admin will refuse and delete the request.



Heavy Duty Phil

Check out Phil's write-up in this issue of Heavy Duty magazine and lookout for a future issue where Phil and I go on a tiki-tour of the Waikato.

Displaced Aussie Phil Heath spent A Day in the Saddle exploring Auckland and the local hills. Coming Soon

Labour Weekend - Whakatane Getaway 24-26.10.2020

LOH Weekend Ride Away - Taupo 14.11.2020

Hard Arse - Southern Route 22.11.2020

Blue Ribbon Ride 22.11.2020

Kaiaua Christmas Ride 19.12.2020

Labour Weekend HOG 2020

As you all know, this year is the Auckland HOG's 30th Anniversary. Part of our celebrations includes a weekend away to Whakatane. Convoy ride down on the Saturday with a BBQ that evening, Sunday ride TBA with the possibility of joining up with our East Coast brothers and sisters! Monday we head back home.
Accommodation is available at the following venues:
https://www.barringtonsmotorlodge.co.nz/reservations.html (FULL)
http://www.whakatanehotel.co.nz/ (budget, small rooms, above the pub ¿ )
All costs to be covered by attendees of the event.

NZ Bike Show 2020

Southern Roar logo

Hi Everyone,

The Deep South & Christchurch HOG Chapters, supported by Jason & I, are running another Southern Roar regional event over the weekend of November 13th-15th in Cromwell.

Southern Roar Eventbrite direct link for tickets:
Any questions, please let us know.
Thanks in advance!

Sheriff HOG-2

The Sheriff (AKA “DOC”) – needs your help…

Dob in a mate, a Road Captain, actually anybody!

Please email the Sheriff with any incidents worthy of his attention for fines for the next chapter night.

These may be bike or non-bike related

 Email the sheriff sheriff@aucklandhog.org.nz

to report on anybody for anything – (even fine the sheriff- good luck for trying)

“Never let any truth or facts get in the way of a good story”

 ( Sheriff “Doc”)


Shayne Lipsham

Membership Officer

HOG Auckland Chapter

Email: membership@aucklandhog.org.nz

Mob: 021 146 1540

Membership Officer 7

Weekend away to Taupo 1-4.10.2020

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