Mid Week News - 17/02/2021

17th February 2021
By The M.O

kiaora AKHOG whanau, welcome to the Midweek Newsletter.

Auckland is currently at Covid Alert Level 3 but will be at Alert Level 2 at 11.59 pm this evening with New Zealand at Alert Level 1.

In this weeks Newsletter 

  • Lets Ride- Opononi Chapter Ride
  • Lets Ride - Northern Riders
  • Chapter Night
  • Membership Officer Bike of the Week
  • Red Team - thank you
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  • HarleyShop
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  • Coming Soon
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  • Te Mata Peak images

Lets Ride 6

Chapter Ride - Opononi. map
Location: BP North. map
Date: Sunday 21/02/2021.
Time: 9.00 am - 5.00 pm.
Road Captain: Director Cammo to lead.
Note: Event End Time is a guide only.
The RCs ride brief takes place 10 minutes before the ride begins.
Please ensure your bike has a current WOF and Registration.
Pillions are welcome to join the ride.
Patches and rockers are optional.

Limited to 100 people

HOG Northern Ride

Join the Northern Riders for a cruise around the Tai Tokerau region.
All HOG members welcomed.
Location: BP Wylies, Maunu Rd, Whangarei. map
Date: Sunday 21/02/2021.
Time: 10:00 am - 5.00 pm
Road Captain: TBA.
Note: Event End Time is a guide only.
The RCs ride brief takes place 10 minutes before the ride begins.
Please ensure your bike has a current WOF and Registration.
Pillions are welcome to join the ride.
Back Patches and Rockers are optional.

Chapter Night October-9 19.10.2020

Chapter Meeting Night.
Members, new members, family and friends are invited to the Akarana Golf Club for our monthly Chapter night. Limited to 100 people
Bar and Menu are available. 
Share a drink or 2 and a meal with members before the meeting commences at 7.30 pm.
Date: Monday 22/02/2021.
Time: from 6.30 pm - 9.00 pm.
Location: Akarana Golf Club, 1388 Dominion Rd, Mt Roskill. map

Membership Officer Bike of the Week

MO Bike of the week Mels 128

Mels custom 128

Join Team Red

Remember to quote Auckland Chapter of the Harley Owners Group, Mt Wellington.

Thank you to the 44 members who have donated so far, great effort.

The NZ Blood app makes keeping track of... - New Zealand Blood Service | Facebook

.Mothers Products 3

Mothers Products 4Mothers Products 5

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mt well hd
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need a part AKHD
TradeMe Auckland Harley Davidson
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We have 153 members on our Facebook page. 

This page is for Auckland HOG subscribed members only. Here you can upload and share photos, stories and anything HOG, Harley Davidson, rides and tours. Remember to accept the Admin's Terms of Use before you can be approved. You cannot use this page to sell items or for self business promotion advertising.

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HOGs at Taupo

For various reasons, there were a few HOG members participating in various rides in and about Taupo, some going to the South Island, some going to the Wairarapa and myself with 2 others were going to the Hawkes Bay region. A good little catch up on the Taupo waterfront for breakfast.

HOGs at Taupo 13.2.21HOGs at Taupo-1 13.2.21HOGs at Taupo-2 13.2.21HOGs at Taupo-3 13.2.21HOGs at Taupo-4 13.2.21HOGs at Taupo-5 13.2.21HOGs at Taupo-6 13.2.21HOGs at Taupo-7 13.2.21HOGs at Taupo-8 13.2.21HOGs at Taupo-9 13.2.21HOGs at Taupo-10 13.2.21HOGs at Taupo-11 13.2.21

Coming Soon

Rangiriri Ride 27/2/21

Swashbucklers 3/3/21

Gulf Harbour Ride 6/3/21

Committee Meeting 8/3/21

LOH Bird Cage Social Evening 11/3/21

New Members Briefing 13/3/21

Waiuki/Pautamahoe Ride 13/3/21

LOH Manukau Heads/Lighthouse Ride 14/3/21

Chapter Ride - Coromandal Loop Ride 21/3/21

Northern Riders 21/3/21

Chapter Meeting Night 22/3/21

Matakana Ride 27/3/21

Make Your Own Ride - Easter Weekend 3/4/21

Swashbucklers Dinner 7/4/21

LOH Bird Cage Social Evening 8/4/21

Road Captains Meeting 10/4/21

Whitford Ride 10/4/21

LOH Leigh Ride 11/4/21

Committee Meeting 12/4/21

Chapter Ride - Northern Route 18/4/21

Northern Riders 18/4/21

Chapter Meeting Night 19/4/21

Make Your Own Ride- ANZAC Weekend 24/4/21

 The Sheriff

The Sheriff (AKA “DOC”) – needs your help… Dob in a mate, a Road Captain, actually anybody! Please email the Sheriff with any incidents worthy of his attention for fines for the next chapter night. These may be bike or non-bike related. Email the sheriff sheriff@aucklandhog.org.nz to report on anybody for anything – (even fine the sheriff- good luck for trying) “Never let any truth or facts get in the way of a good story” ( Sheriff “Doc)

CONTACT DETAILS. Please update your cell phone details in Member Jungle or email the Membership Officer to update your details. At times the Webmaster sends texts to advise of event reminders, ride cancellations, a change of events and in some instances emergencies.

From the MO

As some of you may know I have put my hand up as a Road Captain (it was bound to happen sooner or later)...anyway, it was announced at Chapter Night by our HRC Deano which unfortunately I was unable to attend due to the riders who were on the Chapter Ride on Sunday were asked not to attend due to the Covid alert with 26 of us being at Matakohe (I'm confident none of us is at risk)...anyway, as said, I am your new RC and I just wanted to let you know what kind of rides I will be leading. 

My rides will be medium to fast pace, I would probably want to keep the group relatively close together being my first time officially at doing this but at times I will take off (better get me a radar detector) lol...anyway, I am getting to know a few of the local routes quite well and taking mental notes of roads other RCs have taken us on that I have not been on which I have found on Butchs, Murrays (North) and Joe90s, Nevs and Deano (South) rides.

I want to try and mix our locations up a bit ie: local and rural pubs, cafes as per normal with a few new ones added to the mix(remember it's about the ride and camaraderie at the end) maybe other eateries, historical places of interest, perhaps overnight rides staying at camping grounds or motels. Meeting up with other chapters like our Northern Riders, East Coast, Waikato for combined rides. Is anyone keen for a swim or seafood ride? It's just all ideas at the moment and I intend to talk with venues for possible events to attend and include a LUPPO annual event?

I have heard about other rides that use to take place that are no longer done anymore but one that I was told about sounded really good and I would like to reintroduce it. I will talk to that (semi-retired) RC about it before saying any more.

I would really appreciate if you have any ideas for rides, events, venues and locations, just drop me an email, text or call if you have a brainstorm, especially from previous and current RCs, I will consider anything fired at me...just not bullets, lol.

Thank you

Have Fun, Ride Safe


Shayne Lipsham

Auckland Chapter Membership Officer

Email: membership@aucklandhog.org.nz

Website: www.aucklandhog.org.nz/index.cfm

Mob: 021 146 1540

Images from our Taupo ride to Te Mata Peak, Hastings

Te Mata PeakTe Mata Peak 2Te Mata Peak 3Te Mata Peak 4Te Mata Peak 6Te Mata Peak 5


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